Holiday Programmes

School Holiday Programmes,

During school holidays we often, but not always, run a special programs for our members to attend this can include trips, courses or other adventurous activities..

Survival Camp

Once a year we run a ‘Survival Camp’, this is a week long residential trip for young people to learn how to survive away from home, we stay in accommodation, have daily activities, cook food and have meals together. It can be a great time to learn life-skills and responsibility whilst also in a fun supportive, controlled environment.

Summer Programme

We run a summer programme that is usually over 5 or 6 weeks, during the school holidays, full of different trips and activities, including picnics, cycling, walks and visits to places such as the seaside, museums and zoos.

“In a world where you can be anything, Be kind.”

“Walk a mile in my shoes,

see what I see,

Hear what I hear,

feel what I feel , THEN

Maybe you’ll understand

why I do what I do,

’till then don’t judge me.”