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Our aim is to enable individuals to develop social and life skills. This is done in a variety of environments that are aimed to provide opportunities for growth.

We achieve this through daily activities, trips and training courses. This includes team games, cooking healthy meals, sports and setting goals.

As a project we provide a comfortable environment where people can be themselves without fear of isolation, judgement and abuse, thus offering an alternative to therapy. Through our work we empower the person to feel part of the community and to contribute in a positive manner rather than feeling isolated and lonely

At Jigsaw we measure success in

various ways,

  • Who was involved?
  • Where they enthusiastic?
  • What were the outcomes of the activity?
  • Did everybody engage?
  • How has the activity reduced anxiety and improved confidence
  • What has the activity achieved?
  • Has the activity given the person E’s- excitement,empowerment, entertainment?
  • Did the members take responsibility for the activity?
  • Programs are regularly evaluated.
  • Can we learn from what we have done?
  • Do parents/ carers have “happy tears” when seeing their person being accepted by their peers?

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