Connect with Jigsaw Youth Club

How do I join?

It’s simple, for week day sessions either call or email our group leader and arrange a free taster day, he can discuss the details, addresses and what to expect.

For Saturday sessions you can just turn up, for free, and one of our adult leaders will show you around and introduce you to what we do.

Is there an age restriction for the youth club?

Week days at Jigsaw Youth Club is open to ages 14+ (Tuesdays are 18+ due to restrictions at the venue). Our Saturday session is from ages 10+.

Do you have sign-up for events?

Yes, all holiday programmes and events are for members of Jigsaw who will receive a time table and consent forms when they attend the club.

Contact Jigsaw Youth Club for More Information

188 Hood Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97209

(503) 555-0123