Let me be me!

Building Connections, Celebrating Diversity.

Discover a supportive community for neuro-divergent people at Jigsaw Youth Club.

Who are we?

Jigsaw Youth Club works with neuro-divergent people who would like to develop social and life skills. This is done in a variety of environments that are aimed to provide opportunities for lifelong learning.

Our approach is very practical, seeing a people and their strengths and      talents before any different abilities.  We work with the people to involve them in the planning of their journey to adulthood and further and helping them discover their future by taking control of the present.

Heartwarming Testimonials from Our Members, Volunteers and Parents.

Read the inspiring stories from our members, sharing their wonderful experiences at Jigsaw Youth Club, filled with support, growth, and friendship.

“So many reasons to come to Jigsaw, the people, the sense of community between everyone, and all the fun activities to do”

-Young Member

” What I like about Jigsaw is that I can have a laugh and a joke, and I don’t have to worry about what other people think”


“This place is a life saver, we feel part of this big family, my son loves to go every week, everyone is so understanding and the children can be themselves.”

– Parent

“It’s a fun environment, where everyone is their true, honest self”


Discover the Fun at Jigsaw

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